On My Needles – Beatrice

I have a confession to make. I cheat on my knitting projects. I commit myself wholeheartedly to a project, with the intention of finishing it, of course. Then somewhere along the way, a new project catches my attention, which leads to wanton desires of acquiring more yarn. Call me a two-timing knitter.

And I’m unabashed by this admission.

One of the projects that suffered from my knitting infidelity is this lovely scarf. This project has been on my needles for over three years now. Initially casted on in January 2013, with the expectation of finishing within a month, this scarf was deliberately shoved in the back burner, as I lusted over other knitting projects.

I have a problem. I know.

Beatrice is a 7-inch scarf that features a gorgeous, wide lace panel down the center. It is the perfect accessory for this California winter, should I ever get around to finishing it.

Ideally knit with a bulky yarn, I am knitting this with Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Geranio, using US 9 needles. I’m repeating the lace pattern four times to get that wide scarf effect.

Although this knits up quickly, it does not help to find more projects that I want to knit faster than I can actually knit them. It’s not fair.

So I’m picking up where I left off with this scarf. I’m pulling out all the stops and rekindling what was lost. And I’m hoping the feelings last, at least long enough for me to finish what I started.

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